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Become a Curator

Sell your items on this site.

The Unicorn Plant Stand sells a variety of home, garden, and wellness products.  We are happy to share our online space to other makers and entrepreneurs. 

Select the plan that fits your vision & budget to get started selling your products online.

Simply purchase your plan and then submit your product descriptions, photos, prices, and company logos, pictures, and font styles to the email address in your order confirmation email.  Allow a few days for your page to be built.  Once complete, make any changes or corrections before it goes live.

When items sell, an order notification is sent by email.  Upon providing the tracking # for the fulfilled order, payment will be sent to you. 

For more details view the Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual Curator packages.

We look forward to getting your items online and growing our businesses, together.

Become a Curator, Handmade
Curator Plans: Quality Standards
  • Online, without a commitment.

  • Online presence, great value.

  • stay! Best Value

Curator Plans: Bookings
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