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A garden can be lush and shadowy, or warm and botanical.  Maybe you fancy an indoor sunken haven, or an outdoor meditative garden, a rooftop container collection, or an imperial celestial garden with winding paths through lush aromas and colors.

Each garden is a treasure trove, a distinctive collection, in its own habitat with it's unique conditions.  We sell ordinary & exotic plants and home and garden treasures whose elusiveness rivals that of majestic unicorns.  We strive to help you create a unique and beautiful home and garden which bring joy to the senses. 

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About Us

Making it easy to get your hands on enthusiast's favorite houseplants, home & garden decor, and personal wellness products.

We've cultivated an offering of hardy, healthy houseplants that are both the mainstay's of North American indoor gardens as well as rare and exotic species.  Finding the right elements of your houseplant collection or garden can be a challenging and rewarding adventure.  There is inherent joy in finding houseplants that thrive when you bring them into your home; getting it just right can be elusive, so when harmony is struck and the plant thrives, you know you've found your unicorn of a houseplant. 

Each plant thrives in different environments, they also require various levels of care; we offer a spectrum of houseplants, from those that thrive on neglect, which only require watering every few weeks, to houseplants that require more tending and attention.  Check out the houseplant glossary to help you select the plant that best fits your lifestyle and needs. 

If you have any issues that arise once you've welcomed your plant into your home or garden we welcome you to reach out and are happy to offer advice to help your houseplant or garden thrive.   House plants are here to offer us joy and happiness; be blessed and have a magical experience finding your unicorn!

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